Emergency Book Stashes

While reading a local news report about an accident, my mom noticed that the gentleman involved in the accident commented on his own news story. From the hospital. Where he claimed to be in severe pain. Why then, she asked, was he commenting on his own news story? Wouldn’t he be in too much pain?


If you’ve ever been in a hospital and not been in a coma, you’ll know that the hospital is quite possibly the most boring place on earth. Furthermore, no one seems to be in any great hurry to let you out of there. A great many people will attend to you individually, and all will make a vague reference about setting up tests or whatever so that they can diagnose and send you on your merry way, but there’s quite a bit of time between those people and a much greater time before those tests and the diagnosis actually happens.


Therefore, my reply to her was that either a) the ambulance drivers were in too much of a hurry to grab his book from his car or b) he’s not the sort to have a book in the car, a very sad state indeed.


Because if you’re reading this, you’d likely fit into category A. You might have a car book, a work book, a next-to-the-bed book, a purse book…or even several of each. Us book people are usually stocked. And she should know. She has a store, car and house filled with them.

library photo
Stock photo. Not a real picture of her home. Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Even if I know damn well I won’t have time at any point in my day to read a book, I ALWAYS have one on hand. Because you never know, like the man from the aforementioned accident, when you’ll end up sitting in a hospital with only a smart phone to keep you entertained. And you end up fighting people on the internet (an extremely pointless endeavor) about a news story featuring you. I shudder to think.