About Us

Sharon Micek "Da Boss"
Sharon Micek
“Da Boss”

Sam’s Books is a one-man operation, owned and staffed by Sharon Micek, a booklover whose passion for books led her to renting a stall at Oldsmar Flea Market on weekends over 20 years ago (possibly driven by the fact that her daughter was too old for kids’ books at that point and she needed an excuse to continue reading them). Her passion and drive grew her small weekend operation to a permanent fixture and her bookstore became her full-time gig. You might be asking, “Why SAM’S Books if her name is Sharon?” Well, both her initials and her daughter’s (although her daughter’s have changed since getting hitched) spelled SAM. Yup, no big secret here. Just family bonding.

Her vast knowledge and experience is what sets Sam’s Books apart from the rest. It’s not just a job for her; sharing the joy of books is what she loves. Of course, e-books aren’t super high on her list…

When she’s not at the store slingin’ paperbacks, she’s working from home or out searching for more books to stock. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys going to the gym, home-cooked meals (cooked by someone else) and spending time with friends and especially her wonderful daughter, Sarah.


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