Books as decoration: look smarter while making things pretty.

Pinterest makes you feel like you, too, can be an interior decorator. Those carefully crafted posts make it look SO easy to have a Homes & Garden-type house, right?

Yeah, right. That’s why there are entire pages dedicated to pinterest fails.

So here’s what I suggest. Decorate with books. There are a bazillion blog posts out there that offer all kinds of ideas on decorating with books. For this very reason, I won’t bore you with how to make invisible shelves that make stacks of books seem to float on your wall, or impart upon you the joys of decoupaging with torn book pages.

I’m gonna tell you how *I* do it. I fancy myself as a rather crafty person, but by no means am I ever gonna pursue a career in interior decorating. In spite of this, I do think the world of my book decorating skills. It took a little while to really perfect it, but I’m so pleased with the results.

1. Start with Ikea. When I bought this, it was the Expedit line, which it seems has been changed to KALLAX now.ikea expedit I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this, unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have an Ikea store. I like these because they have cubbies. I love cubbies! Not that I would hate to have a wall of built-in bookshelves, but since I don’t, Kallax it is.

2. Here’s where you’re gonna get judgy. Get your pretty books, get the ones that have great titles, or the ones that make you look smart (sure, I totes read War and Peace in Latin), coffee table books, whatever. Now sort them. Themes are up to you.

3. Get your chatchkes (is that how you spell that?) – match them with your themed, sorted books.

4. I know you have pictures in picture frames. Everyone does. Get those.

5. Awesome bookends are a must. If you don’t have any, make some. Or garage sale.

6. Now pile, stack, shelve your themed books in individual cubbies. Add the appropriate chatchkes and bookends.

I call this "Fashioned to Death."
I call this “Fashioned to Death.”

7. If one of the cubbies looks a bit empty, add picture.

I call this my "sassy" theme. The blurred mess in the frame is my wifi password so guests don't have to ask. So courteous!
I call this my “sassy” theme. The blurred mess in the frame is my wifi password so guests don’t have to ask. So courteous!
Books and cats...what more do you need?
Books and cats…what more do you need?

And ta-dah! You’ve just decorated with books. You’re welcome.