I’m a book addict, and it makes my life difficult.

I feel your pain, Lisa.
I feel your pain, Lisa.

Disclaimer: This is all very tongue-in-cheek and not meant to make light of real addictions. All in fun!

Being a devourer of books can make for a hard, hard life. Here’s why.

1. For a true book addict, reading before bed won’t help one fall asleep. In fact, they’ll stay up later. The motto for this problem is “Just one more chapter!” And then it’s 3am.

2. People frequently ask you what you’re reading while you’re reading, which makes reading difficult.

3. Even worse, you get so involved in your book that you’ve effectively shut out all life around you, so you don’t hear when someone asks you what you’re reading. Or when your spouse falls off a ladder and is begging for medical attention (full disclosure: the second part has never actually happened personally, but I can imagine it could).

4. The inevitable depression that comes with finishing a book. The magic fog lifts and you’re thrust back into real life.

5. The even more agonizing pain of finishing a book…that ended not even remotely close to the way you wanted it to.

6. Having to choose a new book after you’ve finished the last one.

7. Seeing a movie after you’ve read the book. Outside of the obvious story differences (Jurassic Park was the first book/movie experience I had with this, and I’m still not over it), the actors never even remotely look like you’d imagined the characters.

8. This one’s for those of us who prefer paper books…overloading your luggage with enough books to last you through vacation. Oh, the horror!

9. Having to do pesky responsible things that eat into your reading time, like go to work. Who needs to make a living, anyway?

It’s all very sad, isn’t it? If you’re like me, you understand these issues we face on a daily basis. Every day is a new challenge.

But truth be told, I wouldn’t change a thing.